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What the world needs more than anything else in our society today is the antidote to loneliness, and where are they going to get it? Small groups” This quote from Rick Warren is why we do small groups at River Lake Church. The world is pushing people to isolation. We mistakenly think that if we are busy then we are connected. It is not true. Real relationships are built spending quality time going deeper with people forming relationships. There are real and urgent needs that must be met. God wants something for us and we were meant for more than isolation and surface living. That’s why we do small groups. People need someone who’ll be there for the bad news and want someone there for the good news. They need someone to listen, for the issues with the kids and the doctors reports, and just for life. Our goals are creating relationships, meeting needs, growing new leaders and fostering spiritual growth thru next steps. Want to learn more about becoming a leader?

As a Small Group Leader, you are viewed as a leader in the church. Small group leaders don’t “teach” their small group. We go through life together. We are here for support. The role of a Small Group Leader isn’t to be a pastor, it’s to organize the logistics of the group and then live life with your group. So relax and enjoy each other! But being a Small Group Leader does come with responsibilities because you are stepping into a higher role. We want to be open and honest with those. 

Still interested in leading a group? Great! We have a covenant detailing what you can expect from River Lake Church during your role as a Small Group Leader and also we’ve listed some guidelines as well. We love our Small Groups and realize it’s the primary way to form relationships and minister to needs of our church. We want to protect you and help you and pray for you as you lead your Small Group. This covenant is a way we can show that we are bound to you in support and prayer and love.

Now let’s see what you’re thinking! This form will help pull your thoughts together and it will be where we go to get information on your group to help you find group members. Always recruit who the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to be in your group. But we can also help promote your group to bring people. Before we do that, we need to know what you’re thinking so we can assist. After you complete this form, someone in the Small Group ministry will contact you.

Need to talk to someone? We’d love to! Contact info@RiverLakeChurch.com 

and someone from our Small Group ministry will contact you.