River Lake Kids - what to expect

River Lake Kids check-in begins 15 minutes before each service in order to give adults time to grab a cup of coffee and head into the auditorium.  During this time, children have a choice of activities which include bouncing in one of our bouncy houses, coloring in our "hands-on" station, or joining in the action-packed activity taking place on the main floor.

Each River Lake Kids service begins with a welcome and energetic music, followed by a Bible story video.  Children break into age appropriate small groups to participate in engaging activities that relate to and reinforce the Bible story.

We keep it simple - we focus on the 3 basic truths found in Luke 2:52. For preschool, that simply is (1) God made me (2) God loves me (3) Jesus wants to be my friend forever. For kindergarten through 5th grade that is (1) I need to make the wise choice (2) I can trust God no matter what (3) I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We keep it relevant - all lessons are age appropriate.  

We keep it real - children will learn how the Bible can guide them as they make decisions - no matter how young they are.

Ten minutes prior to the end of service, children finish up their small group activities and have their choice again of activities (bouncy houses, coloring, main floor activity) until they are picked up.

Security & Check-in

Safety and security is our first concern at River Lake Kids. 

On your first visit to River Lake Kids, we will collect some basic information and check your child into our computer-based database. Every child will receive a name tag and every parent or guardian will receive a guardian receipt with a unique security code. Every child's name tag is matched to the guardian receipt. When it's time to pick up your child from River Lake Kids, you'll simply show your guardian receipt to a River Lake Kids volunteer. That River Lake Kids volunteer will make sure the security code matches before releasing your child.

If your child needs you during the service, we will display your security code (located on your guardian receipt) on the screen in the auditorium.

Because we want you to be absolutely at ease while your child is with us, we go an extra step or two to put your mind at ease. No unauthorized individuals are allowed in the River Lake Kids area. We require every adult River Lake Kids volunteer to undergo a background check. We also have security personnel every Sunday during the duration of the service whose sole duty is to monitor the River Lake Kids area.


We offer a nursery for newborns to 36 months of age during all three services. It is adequately staffed with volunteers who love children and want to make sure that you can enjoy the worship services without having to worry about your infant.  

The goal of the Nursery Team is to make sure that your child is well cared for during the time they are in their care. They are committed to making sure the nursery is clean, safe, and that the children feel nurtured and loved while they are there. 

Feel free to stop by, meet the volunteers, and look at our facility.