We believe we are all called to serve and at River Lake Church we have teams that appeal to almost everyone -- whether you want to serve behind the  scenes or be in the middle of a Sunday service. If you'd like to sign up to serve, you can email us at

  • River Lake Kids

    River Lake Kids is our children's ministry that meets at 9:45a and 11:00a with a variety of service opportunities -- crafts, coaching (teaching), assistants, dance leaders, overseeing the inflatables before and after service, etc.  Emily Davis has a passion for kids and leads RLK in a manner that helps children learn about God in a fun and age appropriate way so they want to come to church! In the case of RLK, you are able to serve in one service and attend the other so you never have to miss church. A background check is required for anyone serving in River Lake Kids. 

  • Nursery

    The Nursery volunteers serve every week at 9:45a and 11:00a to make sure our guests are comfortable leaving their children  (newborn to 36 months) so they can fully participate in the service without distractions. The nursery is led by Wendy Duke who always staffs the nursery with a minimum of two adult females who have successfully completed a background check. Like RLK, serving allows you to attend one service and serve in the other.

  • Connections

    If you like the idea of being one of the first people to greet a guest, this is the team for you.  Whether it's helping park a guest, meeting someone at the door, or just chatting with with a guest to create a sense of comfort as you escort them to the Auditorium,  our Connections team sets the tone for a guest's initial reaction to River Lake.  Connection volunteers also look forward to meeting our guests as they enter the auditorium, helping seat people if they would like, taking up offering, and generally overseeing the service. Their goal is to make every guest feel comfortable as they prepare to worship. It's led by Pat Harlow  who is always ready to make sure guests know how glad we are they visited River Lake Church.

  • Pipe and Drape

    Our Pipe and Drape team is led by Joe Dean and serves behind the scenes. Their sole goal is to set up the draping throughout the church in such a way that as our guests arrive, they are not distracted by other things at Ralphies. Following the service, they take it down and store it for the following week when they will repeat the same process. They know they have had a successful Sunday when our guests never even know they exist!